These Earthly Delights

Travel adventures, one pleasurable moment at a time

Behind the Scenes

A place for non-destination related writing.

This is a separate place for entries related more to packing, moving, minimization, and our general philosophy. This section details our how and why- not the where.

  • Year One: A (sort of) Brief Lookback
    We started out on our journey on October 22nd, 2020, departing from our home base of Denver, CO. We’d spent a *lot* of time preparing: dreaming over wine, poring over maps, carefully planning a route, impulse leasing a brand new SUV to fit all of our shit in, panicking, selling, giving away, or throwing away […]
  • Introduction
    Hello family and friends! This is the travel blog for Andrew and Jordyn to document their multi-year adventures across the world. Our hope is to create a space to help us remember all the things we’ve gotten to do, and to share those experiences with you all. Why “These Earthly Delights?”We chose the moniker These […]

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