These Earthly Delights

Travel adventures, one pleasurable moment at a time

About Us

Myrtle Beach, SC

Hello, family and friends and random people we gave our card to in a bar somewhere!
This is the travel blog for Andrew and Jordyn to document their multi-year adventures across the world. Our hope is to create a space to help us remember all the things we’ve gotten to do and to share those experiences with you all.

About Andrew

I’ve worn a thousand hats in my life. I’ve been a mental health educator, I’ve been a police dispatcher, I’ve worked for FEMA responding to disasters, and I’ve helped write laws as a legislative staffer. But until age 35, I always lived in Colorado. I’ve always been an avid traveler and relished every opportunity to explore the world, but I never seemed to have enough time to do it well. So when the opportunity arose to chase the horizon, I lept. I am fascinated by people and how they relate to each other, so wherever we go, you’ll find me looking for a good conversation with an interesting stranger.

About Jordyn

Hello! I’m Jordyn. I was born and raised in Upstate NY and moved to Colorado in 2002, thanks to John Cougar Mellencamp’s song “Little Pink Houses”. I got my love of adventure and travel from my parents; growing up we were all about exploration and trying new things. When I travel, I love to look for the unique, the quirky, the strange parts of a city- off the beaten path. Beer, wine, distillates, and fermentation in all its forms are also usually my first Google search in a new place. I enjoy getting a feel for a place through the people who live there.

So… are you two, uh, like… a couple?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Kind of. We are really good friends who have known each other since 2014. She picks the breweries, he figures out how to get us there- we make a great team! We often refer to each other as platonic life partners because we live like a long-term couple and are often perceived as spouses to other people. But in the way that most people judge whether or not you’re “a couple”… we’re not.

REALLY long answer:
We’re “relationship anarchists”, which is a term for people who don’t like to draw lines between different types and categories of personal relationships. We don’t like boxes, especially those formed by others. Each of us has lots of relationships with lots of people that take lots of different shapes and fulfill various different needs and desires. Oftentimes, this means the line between our friends and our more than friends gets blurry, but we’re very comfortable with that. In fact, we prefer it that way. Each of our relationships is what it is and does what it does and goes where it goes and we don’t feel the need to put walls around it or hang labels on it. We like people.

Why are we telling you this?
Because along the way, we’re going to talk about our observations and perceptions of the way various people and cultures interact with the concepts of romance and sexuality and relationships in general. This blog isn’t about that, but we won’t avoid it. It’s an important part of life and we will experience it as fully as we do all the other “earthly delights” and share what we find with you. We think it’s important that you understand where we’re coming from when we do.

Why “These Earthly Delights?”

We chose the moniker These Earthly Delights in 2019, as we were dreaming about the travel blog that we wanted to eventually create on our journey. We picked the name because it encompasses our ultimate belief in the world: a lovely, beautiful place that is full of pleasure and delight… if you will only look for it.

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