We started out on our journey on October 22nd, 2020, departing from our home base of Denver, CO. We’d spent a *lot* of time preparing: dreaming over wine, poring over maps, carefully planning a route, impulse leasing a brand new SUV to fit all of our shit in, panicking, selling, giving away, or throwing away about 90% of our total belongings, crying, and running a giant emotional marathon.
Then one morning it was finally Real and we were leaving.

We started out with a brief stop at Sand Dunes National Park, then headed out for our final vacation-y destination in Pagosa Springs, CO for some hot spring relaxation and to see an old friend in Durango. Please believe me when I say our bodies needed that hydrotherapy after that much moving.

From there, we moved to what we were affectionately calling “Utah-Zona”, an AirBnB in a (very) small town in La Verkin, UT, right on the corner of UT and AZ. It put us right at Zion National Park’s front door, and made a gorgeous jumping off point for us to be able to explore most of the National Parks in Utah/Arizona. We spent about 9 weeks (Oct 25-Dec 18) exploring the Grand Canyon (including the seasonally open North Rim), Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and the best little brewery and pizzeria closest to our house (in Arizona). So much hiking. Not much by way of people-ing (except for our lovely neighbors/ AirBnB owners and their enormously sausage-y wiener dog affectionately nicknamed Tiny Fat Dog, or TFD).

That much time being somewhat isolated was plenty, and I was quite excited for our decidedly un-isolated next stop: New Orleans, LA. We were there from Dec 20-Feb 27, a good couple months that gave us ample to experience some of the Crescent City’s many moods (including a very altered Mardi Gras- thanks ‘Rona). New Orleans is a gorgeous, heartbreaking, endless city. We ate so much, we drank so much. We had friends visit for the first time.

From NOLA we spent a somewhat more down-tempo month in Little Rock, AR. Little Rock was full of weekend trips to wineries around the state, where we purchased an inordinate amount of sweet wine and learned a lot about Southern grape varietals we’d never heard of before. On a hike in Kentucky, we encountered what we’re pretty sure was a forest spirit, an extremely fluffy and friendly Great Pyranees that came bounding up to us in the middle of nowhere.

Then we took off on a 6 week rapid road trip through the American South- Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta. A couple weeks in each place wasn’t quite enough, but just enough to give us a small taste of each city. BBQ and hot chicken were eaten aplenty.

Finally we stopped in Myrtle Beach for a month, and enjoyed a quiet, sunny stay. We spent lots of time soaking up the sun and the salt water (and experienced our first truly unworkable internet situation). We saw no gators, but not for lack of trying. Myrtle Beach was a delicious break from a hectic road trip and we enjoyed being couch (and beach) potatoes.

At this point international travel started opening up again, and we decided, why not fly to Playa del Carmen for about 6 weeks (make it a truly beachy summer). The housing was inexpensive enough that even with the cost of flying and storing our car, we came out about the same as if we’d stayed in the US. Playa del Carmen was absolutely incredible- it stole my heart and I did not want to leave. I easily saw how people go there and then just stay forever. The beauty is surreal, the food delicious, the people so kind. Somehow the colors were too saturated? Like someone had been playing with a filter and accidentally left it on. We met some cool friends, and go to experience some once in a lifetime moments (including crossing off a bucket list item, playing with bioluminescent algae!). Additionally, we both did quite a bit of scuba diving while there.

From Playa we each flew to our respective parent’s homes and spent a couple weeks with family and friends. While there, the land border with Canada opened back up, enabling us to plan a driving trip to Canada. Fortuitous timing since we were already East Coast bound, heading to Providence, RI. Providence was meant to be a more relaxed stop a la Myrtle Beach, but it ended being a sleeper hit. There was so much to do and explore in the tiniest State, and we still left feeling like we missed things. The culture on the Coast is delightful, and the rugged beauty of the Atlantic was amazing to experience. So much seafood! (Jordyn killed her first lobster). So many boat rides (OK only 1, and 1 ferry ride). Providence was one of the only places we’ve been so far where we both could see ourselves actually realistically moving there.

After some lovely time in RI (and the East Coast in general!) we flew back to Denver for a few weeks, then came back and picked up our car from our friend’s garage and we drove to Montreal, QC, CA. Driving up to Canada gave us the chance to fully immerse ourselves in the splendor of the Northeast in Autumn. So many beautiful colors- it was Andrew’s first time seeing the Northeast’s colors. Much leaf-peeping was done. After a bit of a COVID-test kerfuffle, we crossed the border and have been here for about a month. Montreal has absolutely charmed me and I very, very much do not want to leave (the nice gent I met, Francois, isn’t helping, either). Its another place that I could see myself living permanently. It has the amount of things to do as a large city (and is), but still somehow maintains a smaller city vibe. The metro system is amazing and the food scene is insane.

From here, we leave in about a week to take a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean from Orlando with some family, and then come back to Montreal to pick up our car from the airport, and drive to St. George, New Brunswick (more seafood! I’ve already had a taste of the oysters and cannot wait for more. I’ve also been promised all you can eat lobster restaurants, which sounds positively obscene).

After that- NYC here we come! Then probably DC, and from there…Unsure!

But, stay tuned here for future updates and missives from the field. We love and miss you all!